Focus on developping local carrier network

Apr 6, 2022News

In 2020 GOPET TRANS opened its new office in Istanbul, Türkiye. The company’s Managing Director, Orhan Yaşdemir has a clear strategy and vision of growing into a reliable local player and building a strong brand image. The goal for GOPET Türkiye is to use the know-how and advantages provided by the established position in the Balkans and Europe by GOPET TRANS, and to create a strong gateway between Türkiye and Europe, both in export and import.

Although Türkiye is a very competitive market, Yaşdemir is sure to gain a solid position for the company. Since GOPET TRANS’ customers are also doing business in Türkiye, the company immediately entered this region. “We’re going up the steps. Our goal is to reach a monthly turnover of 1 million Euros within 5 years”, said Yaşdemir. The ambitious plans are fueled by a wide range of services provided by the company on the group level and by the fact that there is a lot of cargo that needs to be forwarded, for instance from Poland to Türkiye. Moreover, Yaşdemir stated that “We are the business partners of the transporters. We engage in regular and continuous work with the companies in our network. We search for the carriers who will make regular trips and follow the workflow”. GOPET Türkiye wants to increase the number of carriers in its portfolio thanks to the on-time payment and guarantee of regular and continuous work.

The company focuses mainly on road transport services, but it is growing an intermodal network. The Company official says that they will be working with their own containers in the future, but for now, they can provide this service with the containers rented in Türkiye.

GOPET Türkiye started its journey with a clear strategy of growing into a reliable local player. The company is offering Group available services: air, sea, intermodal transport and developing new services in connection with Group or local needs. It is also building up a local carrier’s network in order to consolidate capacity.